Alternative Power Productions based in San Diego primarily provides stage, sound, lighting rentals and equipment throughout southern California, Arizona, Nevada; and delivers equipment for large events across North America. Browse our stage collection below and contact our staff who will assist in selecting the best staging option for your event requirements. 

Stageline SL250

Dimensions: 32 feet wide * 24 feet deep, 4.83-kilowatt (4,830 watts) solar array, (2) 800 amp batteries totaling 1,600 amps of storage, (4) Outback Systems inverters pumping 120 amps of power at 120 volts, 10-kilowatt biodiesel generator equipped with an auto-start feature

The Armadillo Stage

Dimensions: 30 feet wide * 24 feet deep * 21 feet high

The Revival Stage






Revival Spec Sheet     Revival Fly Through

The K-Soft Stage

see the K-Soft Fly-through

The Chico Stage

Dimensions: 16 feet wide * 16 feet deep * 11.5 feet high

Solar Trailer 1





APP Custom Art Solar Arrays

Please feel free to contact us with questions about the stages and availability.